Where to Buy Burial Life Insurance if You Have Cancer?

This article is specifically written for seniors, people above the age of 50, that are interested in and researching Final Expense Burial Life Insurance for people with cancer. If you are younger than age 50, there ARE INDEED OPTIONS AVAILABLE FOR YOU, please click here and fill out the form, TAP THE BUTTON BELOW or call us direct […]

Royal Neighbors Burial Life Insurance Review & Quotes

If you would like a quote from Royal Neighbors, you will can click the button at the end of this article – OR – the button right below. If you would like us to do it for you, please call us at 1-734-288-8323. Get a Royal Neighbors Burial Life Insurance Quote Royal Neighbors of America […]

Where Can Diabetics Get Affordable Final Expense Burial Life Insurance?

Life insurance companies and policies have come a LONG way in the past 5-10 years. There are a lot of misconceptions about life insurance as a result of outdated information about life insurance. Many of those misconceptions are that people believe that they are UN-INSURABLE due to previous or existing health conditions. One condition with […]

The 123’s and ABC’s of Final Expense Life Insurance & Beneficiaries

We love helping people and one of the things we have come to understand is that EVERY PERSON’S NEEDS ARE DIFFERENT, EVERY CASE WE WORK ON IS DIFFERENT. There is a one special case recently that was an extreme challenge and quite frankly, something we nave never came across in the past. A 69 year […]

American General (AIG) – Guaranteed Issue Whole Life

American General and AIG are the two of the same. The parent company is AIG but life insurance is underwritten by American General. AIG’s flagship policy is their Guaranteed Issue Whole Life policy. Click here for the AIG GIWL Consumer brochure. What are the benefits of the AIG Guaranteed Issue Whole life policy? NOTE: The Primary Insured […]

Gerber Guaranteed Issue Whole Life

Gerber has been around a LONG time. The flagship Gerber product is the Gerber Grow Up Plan but their Guaranteed Issue Whole Life is also a very popular product. Below are brochures for all the Gerber products, with the Guaranteed Issue brochure in BOLD. CLICK HERE FOR THE Gerber Guarantee Issue Consumer brochure Click here for […]


Lifeshield National Insurance Co. is one of the most competitively priced insurance carriers in the industry, especially for smokers.  LifeShield, founded in 1982, specializes in life, accident and health insurance company and is domiciled in Oklahoma. LifeShield plans offer a range of individual and group products that it promotes nationwide to individuals, small and mid-sized businesses, […]

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