Our current world can be a dangerous place. The internet and social media has created an avenue to gather information FAST! With so much information at our fingertips, the old school way of finding trusted professionals to provide information and to service needs increasingly rare. We believe in the old school approach, in-person!

Let’s face the facts, seniors are the most common victims for unscrupulous and bad actors on the internet. Identity Theft, Fraud, Abuse and Telemarketing are just a few of the risks.

The insurance industry is one of the guilty parties. Marketers are savvy people, the non-stop “click bait” on social media and the internet is a constant temptation for seniors. Once a senior is caught in one of these mousetraps, it can feel like there is NO WAY OUT.


One of the best means to prevent the disasters above and help our seniors feel and be more safe and secure is INFORMATION, EDUCATION AND EMPOWERMENT.

That is our specialty, providing valuable and objective information, education and empowering seniors to make sound decisions when it comes to end-of-life planning and insurance.

We provide SIMPLE and EASY to understand checklists and to-do’s to protect them and their families. Our checklists and to-do’s include;

  • End-of-Life Planning Checklist
  • Funeral or Cremation Pre-Planning
  • Final Expense (sometimes called Burial Insurance)
  • Pre-Planning vs. Insurance (Advantages/Disadvantages)
  • Estates, Taxes, Probate Laws
  • …. Much more

Our sessions are NOT sales driven, they are informative, educational and empowering. We can do individual sessions, small group sessions or large group sessions, we are very flexible and responsive to the needs of every individual. 

Let’s chat, complete the form below and we will send to you detailed information about our sessions.

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