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Affordable Final Expense is a team of two managing brokers and and agents. Our Brokers, Scott Zweifel and Michael Lucy, operate out of Colorado and Michigan respectively. The Affordable Final Expense mission is to serve our clients best interest and to deliver value for the public good. Our website is officially title Cheapest Final Expense, however "affordable" is a much better choice of words! Michael and Scott founded with Affordable Final Expense Insurance with that in mind and the goal of providing open, honest and transparent information and service. We will deliver that service by;

  • ALWAYS act in the best interest of the client
  • Delivering the highest quality, accurate and reliable information & content
  • Respect every individual's right to privacy (phone, text, email, internet)
  • Strictly abide by all applicable laws and regulations

Below is an introduction to Scott and Michael.

Scott Zweifel - Colorado Funeral Funds

Cheapest, Lowest Cost and Most Affordable Colorado Final Expense
Scott Zweifel is a seasoned professional with a history in the industry for nearly 25 years. Scott is licensed, contracted with many top carriers and even a few lesser known carriers. He specializes in and is very skilled at matching clients with carriers, especially clients with a complex medical history. Scott also services Mortgage Protection, Health and Medicare Supplements.

Michael Lucy - Funeral Funds of Michigan

Lowest Cost, Cheapest and Most Affordable Michigan Final Expense
Michael has been involved in the insurance industry for about 8 years, most of that time in a marketing capacity. Michael has 22 years of experience as a software developer and marketing agency owner and earned his producers license in early 2019. Michael thoroughly understands all of his carriers and their respective policies and is very skilled at matching the every individual to the right carrier and policy. He also provides service for Mortgage Protection insurance, annuity and IUL's (Indexed Universal Life).