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The Final Expense Health Cheat Sheet

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Finding the Right Carrier for Your Health Conditions

Do you think, or someone you know may think, that you were uninsurable? Or, perhaps you thought that (serious) health condition might make Final Expenses, Burial Insurance, or Life Insurance way too costly?

If that is you or someone you know, you found the right place to do your research. At the end of this brief article is a download for The Ultimate Final Final Expense Health Cheat Sheet.

Why is The Ultimate Final Expense Health Cheat Sheet Important?

The cheat sheet is very important for a whole bunch or reasons!

  • SAVE TIME – You will save time looking for the right company or insurance carrier to cover your final expenses. Heart conditions, COPD, Stroke, Emphysema and 50+ health conditions are listed, then we match that health condition to the perfect carrier or carriers.
  • SAVE MONEY – Some carriers will accept your health conditions but will only accept you with policies that GUARANTEED ISSUE, Graded or Modified, which means you will pay more for less coverage. What if there was a carrier that accepted your health condition and you did not have to pay more for less? This cheat sheet will help you find the best company and perfect policy.
  • PEACE OF MIND – When your time comes to pass and you want to leave a legacy and a death benefit, you want to (YOU NEED TO) make sure that your family (beneficiaries) receive the benefit you intended. The cheat sheet give you the confidence knowing that your company (insurance carrier) WILL PAY YOUR BENEFIT – ON TIME!
  • CONVENIENCE – The health cheat sheet is convenient because you just have to look in one place to find the carriers you are eligible for. Not only that, it’s also convenient because the health cheat sheet will match you with few companies that accept Direct Express (only 3 companies) and companies that accept Credit/Debit cards (only 1 company).


Here is one little known fact and one little known fact that most life insurance agents will not mention to you.

If you apply to, or your agent helps you apply to, the wrong company and policy … AND … that application is rejected, THAT REJECTED APPLICATION IS REPORTED TO THE MIB (Medical Information Bureau) AND SITS IN YOUR MEDICAL HISTORY LIKE A PERMANENT BLACK EYE!

If and when you apply to a new carrier for Final Expense or Burial Insurance, the new company you are applying to will see that permanent black eye, suspicion is raised and you could potentially be stuck in an eternal spiral of Application -> Rejection.

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