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When a Child or Adult with a Special Needs Passes Unexpectadly (07/15/2019) – Leave a Legacy, Not Debt Podcast Episode 2

On Monday July 15th, Scott Zweifel and Michael Lucy will be joined by Jeff Jones. Jeff, Scott and Michael share many common passions, they are all licensed life and annuity agents … AND … all three have lived their life with an immediate family member that required special needs. Jeff’s daughter had down’s syndrome and passed at a very young age, Scott has two daughters with DiGeorge syndrome and Michael has a sister with down’s syndrome. Join us and listen to Jeff share his emotional story about the life and legacy of his daughter.

Price, Price, Price (07/08/2019) – Leave a Legacy, Not Debt Podcast Episode 1

Welcome to “Leave a Legacy, Not Debt”, a community created around a conversation of end-of-life. Conversations on our podcast include end-of-life planning, funerals, life insurance, estates, trusts, wills, probate and everything to do with help people feel comfortable talking about the uncomfortable conversation of dying.

Price, Price, Price – Our first episode talks about the most important factor when it comes to shopping for whole life insurance. We tak a look at who is who in the industry, Colonial Penn, and provide suggestions about how to start shopping around for the best life insurance possible for you and your family.

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