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Where Can Diabetics Get Affordable Final Expense Burial Life Insurance?

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Final Expense Burial Life Insurance: Life insurance companies and policies have come a LONG way in the past 5-10 years. There are a lot of misconceptions about life insurance as a result of outdated information about life insurance.

Many of those misconceptions are that people believe that they are UN-INSURABLE due to previous or existing health conditions. One condition with common misconceptions is LIFE INSURANCE FOR PEOPLE WITH DIABETES.

If you currently have diabetes, PLEASE REST ASSURED YOU HAVE OPTIONS. Take a moment to use the quick quote form on this page. If your diabetes is under control, you should have few issues finding affordable coverage from a well known carrier. On the other hand, if you have complications (amputation, neuropathy, retinapaty, take insulin, etc.), you will still have options BUT it’s best to speak with someone that understands which companies cover which conditions. Call us at 734.288.8323 for information and affordable quotes.

Final Expense (Burial) Life Insurance Does NOT Require Medical Exams

This is VERY important to know and understand that you will NOT have to schedule a medical exam. For 99% of diabetic life insurance cases, you will have options; Simplified Issue, Graded (see below) or Modified (see below).

  • Graded: Policies for people with minor health issues (i.e. amputation, retinapathy, heart attack > 2 years ago, etc.). They do not require medical exams but do require answers to medical questions. Graded policies are more expensive and will have reduced benefits (or no benefits) for the first two years.
  • Modified: Policies for people with major health issues. They do not require medical exams but do require answers to medical questions. Modified policies are more expensive then graded and will have reduced benefits for the first two years. IF YOU GET A QUOTE FOR A MODIFIED POLICY, MAKE SURE TO READ THE FINE PRINT!

For the other small percentage of cases, the other 1%, unfortunately your options will be restricted to Final Expense Guaranteed Issue for Diabetics.

  • Guaranteeed Issue: Guaranteed issue simply means NO MEDICAL EXAM and NO MEDICAL QUESTIONNAIRE (Simplified, Graded and Modified all require a medical questionnaire). Guaranteed issue just requires you to provide name, age and a few other pieces of contact info then you are automatically issued you a policy. Cost will be much higher and benefits much lower, however for anyone that is truly un-insurable, this is their only option.

One last very (VERY) important point about life insurance qualifications. Most, if not all, carriers in the current life insurance industry are just as interested in your PRESCRIPTION HISTORY than your medical history.

When applying for life insurance, you will be asked to sign a waiver for the carrier to review your MIB (Medical Information Bureau) prescription records. The insurance company and back-office underwriters will use your prescription history as a roadmap for your health. SO, if you went to the doctor for a checkup or an “issue”, if you were NOT prescribed any medication you are much better off than if you were prescribed medication.

NOTE: Make sure you answer every question on your application honestly and accurately. Upon the insurance company reviewing your MIB records, you WILL BE ASKED (CHALLENGED) ABOUT ANY AND ALL MIB DISCREPANCIES.

What Final Expense Companies Might Ask About When You Have Diabetes

When it comes to final expense burial insurance, different insurance companies look at different things, and they look at those different things differently (sorry for the tongue-twister). Every burial insurance plan will have different underwriting standards. Below are some of the things (health issues) that different companies may review or ask about;

None of these issues will eliminate you from qualifying for affordable burial insurance. Rather, if you thoroughly understand your health issue(s), read this article, and communicate those issues to a knowledgeable and experienced agent/broker like us, we have companies that will cover you!

Likely Questions Life Insurance Companies Will Ask About Diabetes

  • When were you diagnosed with diabetes? Many carriers have special conditions, i.e. if diagnosed before 50, before 18, in the last 3 years, etc.
  • What types of medications are you PRESCRIBED for diabetes? Most carriers view insulin more strictly than metformin, i.e. if you do NOT take insulin you have a greater chance of being approved for top health classes.
  • Have you ever had amputation due to diabetes (i.e. toes)? This USED to be a show stopper, there is ONE carrier that WILL cover you. Click here to contact us about Final Expense Insurance for Diabetic with Amputation or call us at 734.288.8323.
  • Have you ever been in a diabetic coma?
  • What’s your height and weight?
  • Do you have neuropathy (nerve/circulatory issues due to diabetes)?
  • Do you have retinopathy (eye issues due to diabetes)?
  • Do you have nephrophy (kidney issues due to diabetes)?

Final Expense Life Insurance Questions No Longer or Rarely Asked

  • A1C level
  • How long have you had diabetes
  • Family diabetic history

These are most of the possible questions different burial insurance plans might ask about. When we speak with you, we will ask ALL these questions and help you evaluate which carrier is best suited for your specific case.

How Burial Insurance Companies Respond to Diabetes

In this day and age, diabetes is an common health issue. For this reason, most senior life, final expense and burial insurance companies have plans to accommodate and accept most diabetic cases. There is ONE carrier that is extremely liberal with their diabetic underwriting and will cover you even if you have a history of diabetic amputation, retinopathy, neuropathy or other complications.

One key thing to remember is that these burial insurance companies all have different underwriting guidelines. To put it another way, every carrier will accept and decline different diabetic issues, knowing which carrier to match to which condition is CRITICAL!

A REAL CASE STUDY: Recently, I worked a case for a gentleman that had multiple toes amputated as a complication from diabetes. I personally called more a dozen insurance company underwriting departments (some carriers I was not even contracted with) and found ONE carrier that would approves diabetic cases with amputation. The family had previously been declined by 2 other companies. NOTE: One company previously declined policy was for a whole life policy that sent a paramed to the house for an exam. I still to this day do not understand how the application was processed and got to the point where a paramed was summoned. It was an incredibly embarrassing and discouraging experience for the whole family when the paramed had ZERO knowledge the diabetes or the amputation.

Best Final Expense Life Insurance Companies for Diabetics ( Controlled Without Complications)

Best Final Expense Life Insurance Companies for Diabetics ( With Complications)

Final Expense Life Insurance Quotes for People with Diabetes (with and without complications)

Click the button below to open our FINAL EXPENSE BURIAL LIFE INSURANCE DIABETES QUOTER and get quotes from ALL the carriers that accept diabetics with and without complications.

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Final Expense Burial Life Insurance – The Final Word

As is the case with every final expense burial life insurance plan, your entire health history and profile is part of an overall application. Diabetes in isolation is NOT an issue, the issues and complications arise when there are compounding health conditions, related or unrelated to diabetes.

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