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Where to Find Lowest Rate Final Expense Insurance from ALL Companies?

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What website do you goto to find the lowest final expense burial life insurance rates from ALL insurance companies? Right Here -> Affordable Final Expense!

Do you want to save time and money looking for the absolute lowest rates for final expense burial life insurance? Have you recently purchased, or are considering purchasing, final expense insurance but are just do not feel comfortable or confident in the quotes you have received?

If you answered YES above, we can assure you that you have found the right website. Our quoter was custom developed and has over 100 companies. We can proudly stake the claim that we have the world’s final expense quoter with the most insurance companies!

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Why do other websites not show quotes from ALL companies?

The answer is simple, yet also very unfortunate, most companies only show the carriers they are licensed and contracted to sell. They will NOT show you everything because it might give you a reason to go shop somewhere else!

They don’t want you to know there might be a better company or lower rate out there.

Why is our Affordable Final Expense different?

Because you deserve honesty and clarity in shopping journey. You deserve to see ALL the companies and make an informed decision based on ALL the information from ALL carriers, not just the selected information and quotes from a select few carriers.

We chose to present all the companies and all the quotes because we want to earn your trust and your business.

The truth is that we can write policies for most (not all) of the top 10 carriers and most of the 10 lowest price carriers. There are times, we might find a carrier has the lowest rates and we are not able to write the business … BUT … you will know exactly what insurance company to call! In most of those cases, though, we have agent partners that can write these policies for you.

Price is NOT Everything – Advice for Selecting a Final Expense Company

Price is a BIG factor when shopping for final expense burial life insurance, but it certainly is NOT everything. Some other things to consider;

  • Company rating (included on all our quotes)
  • # of Years in Business – The older the company the better
  • Carrier underwriting – Each carrier has different underwriting and health guidelines – WE ARE VERY EXPERIENCED WITH THIS AND CAN HELP MATCH YOU TO THE PERFECT CARRIERS FOR YOUR HEALTH
  • Policy Features – Some carriers have hidden features (i.e. Accelerated Death Benefits)

Some little know companies with LOW prices and BIG value, you will NOT find all these carriers in one place on the internet – GUARANTEED.

  • Pekin
  • KSKJ
  • Family Benefit Life
  • Humana

Final Expense Burial Life Insurance Options

In some cases, Final Expense Insurance is just NOT the best option for you. Great examples of this are for healthy people between the ages of 45-60, if that is YOU I highly recommend you review the list below;

  • Participating Whole Life Options – Final expense policies are whole life BUT for healthy people participating whole life is MUCH better because they pay dividends and interest – you get WAY more coverage and cash value for your hard-earned $’s.
  • FREE Final Expense Insurance -> Term ROP – Sounds too good to be true? Well, it’s NOT, this is an absolute NO-BRAINER alternative to Final Expense. Click here and read more about FREE Final Expense Insurance.


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