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How to get FREE Final Expense Burial Life Insurance

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Thank you for visiting and taking the first step in protecting your assets, your family and your legacy. In this article, you will learn;

  • How to get permanent Final Expense for the price of term
  • How to get all your premium $’s returned to you after 20 years
  • How to receive $ returned to you to fund your final expenses
  • How you will have $ left over AFTER you fund your final expenses

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FREE Life Insurance – What’s the Catch?

We 100% committed to openness, honesty, and transparency – no gimmicks, no bait-n-switch, just providing unique SOLUTIONS for people, solutions you will NOT find elsewhere.

Let’s start by explaining the fine print. What we are going to present to you is a SOLUTION. The fine print is that you will have to pay a low cost premium for a term policy after which when you outlive the term policy, the insurance company returns to you the money you paid into the policy.

“The premiums you pay will actually be LOWER than a traditional final expense policy – AND – the coverage (the death benefit) will be HIGHER than a traditional final expense policy. When you outlive the term policy, the insurance company returns all the risk premiums you paid in. The insurance companies & carriers we describe throughout are A-rated companies – the best of the best.”

If you are healthy and between the ages of 40-60 -> HAS YOUR LIFE INSURANCE AGENT OR COMPANY PRESENTED YOU WITH A TERM ROP OPTION?

If not, they are NOT operating in your best interest – they have failed to offer you the options you deserve to know about. You are missing out on an opportunity to get FREE final expense insurance!

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Your Final Expense Term ROP Option

The solution is what we call Term ROP, or simply Return of Premium. Return of Premium is exactly that, the insurance company sends you a check with a return of premiums you paid into the policy IF you outlive the term policy.

Why have I not heard about this?

Because most agents only SELL, not solve problems. The average agent does not have specialized training to SOLVE PROBLEMS.

The Policy – Low Face Value ROP

Not all insurance companies offer Return of Premium policies or riders. Finding these companies and finding an agent or broker that is licensed and contracted to represent ROP is a CHALLENGE, these are special policies. Here are some of the challenges;

  • Agents/Brokers must have access, be licensed, and contracted to sell ROP policies
  • Agents/Brokers must have access to term ROP policies with low face value term ROP policies in order for it be a Final Expense solution
  • Agents/Brokers must have specialized training and understand these policies before they can help you

The low face value term ROP policies are simplified issuemeaning there are NO medical exams, only medical questions.

We have you covered on all of these points! There are ONLY 4 insurance companies that have these low face value ROP policies, and we are licensed, contracted, and trained to represent these companies and sell these policies. Two companies we work with will issue your policy within 24 hours and one of the companies will issue the policy immediately (we call it point-of-sale).

You will NOT find a company, agent or broker that can represent all four of these companies. Additionally, we work for YOU, we specialize in finding the solution (company/policy) that meets YOUR needs and which of these four companies/policies is best for you.

The Coverage – Death Benefit

In order for this solution to be a valid option, it must prove to be an apples-to-apples comparison vs. a traditional final expense policy. The term ROP policy death benefit must be similar to final expense policy death benefit coverage.

Once again, there are ONLY four (4) companies that offer term low face value ROP death benefits similar to final expense policies. All four of these companies offer a minimum death benefit of $25,000.

-> NOTE: Herein lies the challenge, ONLY four insurance companies offer $25,000 minimum ROP policies, many companies offer ROP but they usually start at a minimum of $100,000 coverage which will make the monthly premium unaffordable IF you are indeed looking for final expense insurance.

The Premiums & Monthly Payments

Now that we understand the solution, the companies, the policies, and the death benefit coverages now we can talk about the monthly premiums.


The Last Step for FREE Final Expense Insurance

Okay, now the last step, the critical step for ensuring you have FREE final expense insurance.

When you outlive the 20-year term ROP policy, you will receive your return-of-premium check from the insurance company. Then you “BANK” the check, preferably something tax-friendly that will earn you interest on that principal!

The money returned is SIGNIFICANT, you can review the case studies below. Once again, the money returned to you is the premiums you paid in – after 20 years of term ROP premium payments (payments which are lower than Final Expense policies) when you receive your return-of-premium check, your cost of insurance for those 20 years is $0 (FREE). THEN, at that point, you have your final expense funds in the form of CASH and you will never have to pay a premium ever again, it’s FREE.

This significant sized check you receive from the insurance company then becomes the funding for your future final expenses;

  • You will NEVER have to pay an insurance premium EVER AGAIN
  • The check you receive from the ROP will earn interest
  • You will have additional options to convert those funds to tax-friendly options AND earn significant interest on those funds (i.e. Annuity, Roth IRA, etc.)
  • FYI – at that point, you can actually purchase another type of policy, called Single Premium Whole Life, where you pay one lump sum for a permanent policy – AND have money left over.

The point here is that once your premiums are returned, you have LOTS of options!


Let’s compare some term ROP policies and quotes. traditional final expense policies and quotes. In the case study below, the comparison (images) is for a 58-year-old non-smoking female.

58 Year Non-Smoking Female – $25,000 20 Year Term ROP, rates begin at $50.53/month
58 Year Non-Smoking Female – $25,000 Final Expense, rates begin at $51.37/month

As you can see from the comparison above, the 20-year term ROP policy has lower rates. Furthermore, while Pekin, KSKJ and Family Benefits Life are good companies and good policies, they are not as well known as Oxford and Mutual of Omaha – IF you wanted a policy from a more well-known brand, like Oxford or Mutual of Omaha, the final expense policy is $72+ (vs. the $50 for the term ROP).

Assuming this lady lives at least 20 more years, at age 78 the insurance company will send her a check for;

$50.53 per month

x 12 months per year

x 20 years


NOTE: You can also increase your coverage comfortably knowing that you will receive all your premiums returned at the end of the term.

Additional Considerations

Most insurance companies that offer term coverage, will only write term policies up to age 80. So, if you are 59 years old and want to use this strategy, you would be limited to a 20 year term because the insurance company will not write you on a term past age 80 (i.e. for a 25 year term at age 59 you would be 84 at end of term – older than 80).

If you are age 55-59, you would be eligible for a 20-year term. If you are age 50-54, you would be eligible for 20 and 25 year term policies. If you are less than 50 years old, you are eligible for 20, 25 and 30 year term policies.

Free Final Expense Insurance – Summary and Takeaway

You have heard the sayings; “There is no such thing as a free lunch” and “If something is too good to be true, it is.” I am a big believer in those sayings, and while “Free Final Expense Insurance” sounds like a free-lunch and too good to be true, in the life insurance world this solution is as close as you will get to a FREE.

You will have to pay premiums for 20+ years, the premiums WILL BE LOWER than a traditional final expense policy and the coverage will be higher. After 20 years, you receive your premiums back in the form of a check from the insurance company.

What is the downside? The only downside here is that a Final Expense policy starts to accumulate cash value at day 1 (not significant cash value though). The only thing you are giving up is IF you decide to stop paying your premiums with a term policy, there is a no cash value to be returned to you DURING THE POLICY YEARS vs. final expense policy where if you stop paying premiums you will receive a check for the small cash value built up.

In other words, you have to pay your premiums for all 20-30 years to get your premiums returned. Once you attain the end of your term, you receive your money back AND indeed your life insurance WAS free for those 20-30 years – AND – will be free forever from that point because you have your funds!

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