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Gerber has been around a LONG time. The flagship Gerber product is the Gerber Grow Up Plan but their Guaranteed Issue Whole Life is also a very popular product. Below are brochures for all the Gerber products, with the Guaranteed Issue brochure in BOLD.

CLICK HERE FOR THE Gerber Guarantee Issue Consumer brochure

Click here for the Gerber Grow Up Plan Brochure

Click here for the Gerber Simplified Life Insurance for Seniors

What are the benefits of the Gerber Guaranteed Issue Whole life policy?

  1. Guaranteed Issue Whole Life Insurance, NO MEDICAL QUESTIONS
  2. 10 Minute Application
  3. Fast Approval
  4. Low Cost and Affordable Guaranteed Issue Policy (Lowest Guaranteed Issue Policy)
  5. Ages 50-85 years are eligible
  6. $5,000 to $25,000 Coverage

WHY is Gerber right for you?

Gerber Guaranteed Issue will cover all major health issues with their no medical question life insurance for seniors. If you have major health issues, especially within the past 2 years, Gerber is a good bet to be the perfect policy for you. While other companies that ask medical questions may deny you coverage, Gerber is one of the two preferred (and lowest cost) guaranteed issue whole life providers in the marketplace – the other company is AIG Guaranteed Whole Life Insurance.

One other reason that people choose Gerber is CONVENIENCE. The application may be done online, over the phone or in person. The application process should take no more than 5-10 minutes, if you have all the required information ready when you start the applciation.


  • First Year In Business: 1967 (52 years old)
  • Final Expense (Golden Eagle) Age Availability: 50-80
  • Golden Eagle Face Amount Range: $5,000-$25,000 (Maximum Face Amount in South Dakota is $15,000)
  • 2 Year Waiting Period: Yes (Guaranteed Issue)
  • State Availability: All States
  • Optional Riders:Gerber Life will pay an Accelerated Death Benefit in the amount requested by the Owner of up to 50% of the death benefit if Insured is terminally ill and life expectancy is 12 months or less, subject to the provisions of this option.
  • How To ApplyApply for Gerber, Get Life Insurance in 10 Minutes
  • Unique Features: GREAT brand (67 Years of History), A rated, 5 minute application.
  • Disadvantage2 Year Waiting Period
  • Underwriting Advantages (what health issues will they cover): No Medical Questions (100% Approval)


Guaranteed Issue Waiting Period

All guaranteed issue final expense policies (with any company) will have a minimum two-year waiting period. There’s no such thing as a no health question policy with 6 month or a 1 year waiting period. It’s always at least two years.

So during the first two years, Gerber will refund all premiums you’ve ever paid plus 10% interest. After two years, the policy will pay out the full face amount for any reason moving forward.

Oh and don’t forget

You are not limited to these face amounts. Gerber will allow you go purchase any whole number between $5k and $25k. For example, you could buy $7,000, $13,000, $22,000 etc.


Gerber Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance Rates

In general, those with (major) health issues are the people who most need a guaranteed issue (guaranteed acceptance) final expense policy. There are simply some severe health conditions where a guaranteed issue policy is the only option. Here are some examples of different health issues that would likely require a guaranteed issue policy:

  • Congestive heart failure
  • Alzheimer’s or dementia
  • Heart attacks or full blown strokes within the last year
  • You require assistance with daily activities due to a disease
  • You are receiving home health care due to a disease
  • You are on oxygen (except for sleep apnea)
  • You currently have cancer
  • HIV or AIDS
  • You have had or are awaiting a bone marrow or organ transplant

There are other scenarios where we would recommend that you go with a guaranteed issue policy, but that list covers most of them. We can’t write out every situation, for the list would be massive. As we said, check with your local life insurance advisor or agent to be sure which company, policy and plan is best for you.

Quick help: NEVER make the mistake of assuming your health issues mean you SHOULD get a guaranteed issue plan. 90% of our customers are NOT best served by this kind of policy. Before you do anything, speak with one of our agents. We can provide you with hassle free unbiased guidance about what you should do. Don’t run the risk of paying more, and having a waiting period when you could be qualifying for a cheaper plan that has immediate benefits! Fill out the quote form or call us. We will be in touch shortly to help guide you.

Again, your health is the only factor that determines if you should go with a guaranteed issue policy. If you can qualify for a plan with health questions, it will be best for you, your pocketbook, and your family. We urge you to allow an agent to assess your situation and advise you properly. You will save time and money by doing so.

What are some of the alternatives to Gerber?

In terms of value and lowest cost for Guaranteed Issue life insurance, there are really only two insurance companies that makes sense; AIG and Gerber. 99.99% of the time (I would say 100% but you never know), AIG or Gerber will be the absolute lowest cost Guarantee Issue policy. DO NOT LET COLONIAL PENN OR ALEX TREBEC FOOL YOU – The Colornial Guaranteed Approval for $9.95 per month is for a death benefit WAY LESS THAN AIG OR GERBER. Also, PLEASE DO NOT GLOBE LIFE INSURANCE FOOL YOU WITH THEIR $1 PROMOTION, their rates are much higher than AIG.

The Skinny on Gerber | Our Opinion

GREAT POLICY for people with serious health issues or anyone looking for the convenience of having a life insurance policy issued in 5-10 minutes.

  • Fixed premiums that can never increase
  • Permanent policies that cannot expire
  • Coverage that cannot decrease in value
  • Policies accumulate cash value

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