Simplified Issue Final Expense and Burial Life Insurance - Final Expense 101

Guaranteed Issue Final Expense, Burial and Life Insurance


  • WHOLE (PERMANENT) LIFE insurance for people over the age of 50.
  • A few companies have policies for ages 45+ (i.e. Mutual of Omaha)
  • Lower face value (lower benefits) policies designed to cover end-of-life expenses
  • Because they are for people over 50 and have lower benefits, final expense policies are designed to be affordable for any and all budgets.

There are two basic types of final expense policies;

NOTE: Some websites and people in the industry will refer to Graded Policies and/or Modified Policies as as GUARANTEED ISSUE, the majority of websites (including ours) do NOT consider Graded or Modified to be Guaranteed.

Are you considering purchasing a Guaranteed Issue Insurance policy?

Perhaps you received a postcard in the mail, saw an advertisement on TV or it was recommended by a friend. Maybe you liked the convenience of No Medical Exams

Before you make any decision at all, there is more to consider. We are glad you are visiting us and hopefully we can provide you with the knowledge and ammunition to make the best decision possible for you and your family.

NOTE: Most people who purchase guaranteed issue or acceptance or policies should not be, there are much better (LOWER COST AND BETTER COVERAGE) options available.